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Believe to Achieve

Education Career Action Plan (ECAP)

Junior high school is the perfect time to start thinking about the future. We have provided some tools to help you begin making important decisions that will help you succeed in school and achieve your goals after high school.

Education Career Action Plan (ECAP)

The QCUSD Strategic Plan, Strategy I, states that all students will have a personal action plan. ECAP benefits students through personalized planning, which helps them to reach their academic and career goals. Students learn how to set and achieve goals by developing and updating a personalized post-secondary plan in grades 6-12, which positively impacts student achievement. The ECAP gives students an understanding of how education is relevant to achieving their career goals, and creates a vision for their future. 

Each grade level has several different activities and surveys, both online and paper/pencil. Online activities are completed through the AZCIS (Arizona Career Information System) website. Every student has their own personal login information, which parents and students can access from home. Below are the roadmaps for every grade level.

7th Grade:

  • Career Cluster Inventory (short version)
  • Employability Survey
  • Qualities for Success
  • My Accomplishments
  • Post-Secondary Goals
  • Course selection and parent/guardian review of 8th grade classes

8th Grade:

  • Career Cluster Inventory (full version)
  • Junior Achievement Finance
  • Reality Check
  • Post-Secondary Goals
  • Career Action Plan
  • Course selection and parent/guardian review of 9th grade classes

If you have any questions about your child’s education and career action plan, please contact Angie Allensworth, ECAP coordinator/counselor, at (480) 987.5940.